Welcome to the home page of the SELF4COOP project

SELF4COOP (full title: Self-optimizing Networked Edge Control for Cooperative Vehicle Autonomy) is a project funded by the Italian Ministry of Research (MUR), grant number 2022SKLZAY. The project focuses on next-generation mobility services, in particular by considering Mobility-as-a-Service enhanced by means of cooperative driving. Our final goal, which goes beyond SELF4COOP, is the reduction of traffic congestion and road-related accidents, which costs in the EU amount to 1% and 3% of the GDP, respectively. In our vision, cooperative autonomous vehicles (CAVs) will become an integrated system, realizing complex intelligent driving applications. This will minimize the environmental footprint of the vehicles, streamline the use of CAVs by multiple users and reducing the need for private vehicle ownership.

Realizing the above vision will require some fundamental building blocks which we will develop throughout SELF4COOP, which include the realization of advanced cooperative driving maneuvers, where intelligent systems gather data both from vehicles and from the infrastructure, and instruct CAVs to implement optimal actions. In turn, this will require to seamlessly blend different communication technologies, exploit Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) resources flexibly and adaptively, and develop robust optimization and control techniques.


24 Dec. 2023: We are hiring a PostDoc researcher at UniBZ!
6 Dec. 2024: We are hiring a PostDoc researcher at UniPA!
25 Oct. 2023: We are hiring a PostDoc researcher at UniTN!
25 Oct. 2023: SELF4COOP.eu is now online!
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